Words Walrus

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0333756347Words Walrus is a software package for teachers who want to print out vocabulary activities for their students. The program contains 180 words at elementary level, each word illustrated with an attractive picture. The activities range from teaching to testing activities and are suitable for learners from the ages of 5 to 80 (and above!).

The teacher uses the program in the teachers’ room and then takes the activity worksheets into class. The students do not use the program at all.
What kind of learners can use Words Walrus activities?

Words Walrus activities are suitable for the following types of learners:
Adult learners of English at beginner or elementary level. The program is especially suitable for learners taking a course or a series of classes in English.
Young learners. The activities are all suitable for children learning English as well as for adults. The pictures appeal to young and old alike.
Learners of English script and literacy students. The program is ideal for learners who are not familiar with roman script either because of their language background (eg Arabic or Chinese students) or because they are literacy students.
Do I need to be a computer expert to use this program?

Definitely not! The program has been designed to be extremely easy to use, so that even a computer novice can learn to use it within five minutes! There are instructions on each screen, telling you exactly what to do.

If you are not confident about using the computer in front of your students, Words Walrus is the ideal program to help you gain confidence. You use the program in the teachers’ room or at home, and the learners only see the printed worksheets. So there’s absolutely no possibility of you getting it wrong in front of your students!