Test it, Fix it. English Grammar Intermediate

EnglishGrammar Learners test their grammar, check their answers, then test themselves again. So they really learn from their mistakes.

How can it be used?

For self-study.
In the classroom.
Key FeaturesFeedback on every question as well as more general grammar help.
A test, answers with grammar notes, and a second test on the same topic in each 4-page unit.
Twenty topics in each book.
Grammar summary (review) page for all topics.
English Verbs and Tenses covers verb patterns and tenses at pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.
English Grammar covers other grammar topics such as the use of articles, prepositions, adjectives..
The Book Review
Test it, Fix it.

Test it, Fix it adopts an intriguing approach. First students do a test to see what mistakes they make in areas such as present tenses, perfect, future and conditional forms. Students then skip a page and check their answers. Where they have a problem, they can find out why – this is the “fix it” part of the title – by reading the relevant information. Finally, they turn back a page in order to do another test to see if they can use the structure successfully.

Does it work? The approach will certainly appeal to many students. While I am not sure that it is always possible to “fix it”, the language reviews are certainly clear and helpful. At under100 pages, the book contains twenty such tests. It forms part of a wider series which includes a sister volume on verbs and tenses. A useful addition to the self access centre.