Listening Extra

listeningExtraListening Extra contains a bank of imaginative photocopiable materials designed for young adults (16+) and adults. There are over 50 easy-to-prepare activities at elementary, intermediate and upper intermediate level. The material offers teachers a refreshing approach to 18 familiar topics and can be used to supplement existing coursebooks. Activities are designed around authentic scenarios and practise specific listening skills, such as listening for details, identifying emotions or listening for opinions. At the same time as practising a key listening skill, the activities integrate the other skill areas. Students are exposed to a variety of native and non-native speaker accents. The recordings cover a range of genres from radio and television to academic lectures, presentations and conversational dialogues.
Listening Extra.

Listening is a vital skill; teachers and learners alike appreciate extra material in this area. The units give practice in a range of sub-skills: listening for specific information, for main ideas, for details. This book has the same format as the others in the series and contains 18 topic areas such as: town and country, health and fitness, education, money and homes. Each unit contains a listening activity for each of the three levels – elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate, making 54 activities in total.

There is a good variety of task type, suitable for young adults. Some are visually stimulating, with charts, pictures and forms. Students listen to a talk on arranged marriages and decide if a number of statements on cards are True or False. Some activities, such as Feng Shui and Psychologist are fun, informative and motivating. Not all activities will be relevant, of course, for every class. The photocopiable teaching material and two audio CDs provide, as the title claims, “extra listening material”.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

0194314677The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, first published as Cambridge International Dictionary of English, has been completely updated and redesigned. There are references to over 75,000 words and phrases, explained in clear and natural English. More than 1,100 new words have been added, as well as 16 full page colour pictures and new notes to help learners avoid common errors.
The CD-ROM goes even further and provides special tools to help with writing, pronunciation and vocabulary practice.
Find words easily!

interesting and up-to-the-minute content from a wide variety of sources which provide the basis for a range of stimulating activities
a logically developed grammar syllabus
skills work which covers communication techniques and ideas for how to function more effectively in the workplace
a listening skills syllabus to improve students’ ability to understand and process natural speech
a complete email writing course and tips on handling other more recent technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet
Choose words quickly!

‘Guidewords’ help you choose the right meaning – fast!
Simple definitions use only English that is easy to understand
Over 1000 words explained with pictures
Use words correctly!

Special notes show you how to avoid common mistakes
Over 90,000 example sentences help you write natural English Book Centre
25,000 ‘collocations’ show you the way that words work together in real English Book Centre

Personality Quizzes

1899399356Teenagers have no greater interest than themselves! One of the most compelling features of almost any teen magazine, anywhere in the world is the personality quiz. This book provides 50 of the most engaging personality quizzes covering all the areas of teenager interest including Love and Romance, Friendship, Travel and Adventure, Clothes and Fashion, Family, and more. The quizzes are attractively illustrated and motivate by focusing on the teenager’s interests: “Are you a good friend?”, “How fit are you?” “Are you a shopaholic?” Lexical and structural indexing and clear levelling make it easy to find the language point to be practised.

The Book Review
Personality Quizzes

Personality Quizzes: an attractive title, as students enjoy quizzes. Finding out about yourself can be, as the introduction points out, fun and personalised. The target audience is teenage, so the subjects covered in this book include, not surprisingly, love and romance, friendship, fashion and sports.

The series provides time-saving, free-standing support material, and the exercises which accompany the quizzes will be appreciated by busy teachers. Each of the fifteen units contains three different quizzes, for elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels. The teachers’ notes are usefully interleaved throughout the book.

Some quizzes are quite engaging and challenging while others are more light-hearted. “Environmentally friendly” is particularly thought-provoking. Caution is advised, as sometimes the humour may not always be appropriate. The pictures and photographs give the same busy feel as the quizzes in young adult magazines and are generally appropriate. Sadly, it seems I may need to do more exercise!

Business Focus

businessfocusBy the authors of the successful Business Basics New Edition, Business Focus equips pre-intermediate learners with the English they need to communicate in the workplace. Business Focus is for adults in any job and at any level of employment.

Who is it for?

Busy professionals already in business.
Key FeaturesBusiness Focus is a course for working people who need to communicate in English immediately.
The syllabus is built around the functional needs of students: unit headings include ‘Making contact’, ‘Sharing information’, and ‘Dealing with problems’.
The units concentrate on activating language. Units feature games, role-plays, and special discussion sections, Focus on Business Issues.
Communication is aided by key words and key expressions appearing at the bottom of each page, for easy classroom reference.
Every Student’s Book comes with a FREE CD-ROM including video clips from OUP’s business video series Big City. The CD-ROM also includes a bank of email writing phrases, and audio recordings of each unit’s wordlist to aid students in pronunciation.
Every workbook comes with a FREE audio CD, with additional listening material for the busy professional’s journey home.

Business Focus

Business Focus comprises ten units, each one integrating five strands, called: words, grammar, expressions, communication and issues. Each finishes with a short quiz. The term “words” covers collocations and set phrases. This target lexis is challenging yet appropriate for Pre-intermediate business students: brand, competitor, consumer, head office etc. The grammar syllabus reaches Conditionals and passive. Expressions covers topics and functions, and the focus on communication sections include role plays and e-mail writing activities. A final topic strand, Issues, encourages discussion on familiar themes such as time management and work-life balance.

A highlight is the free CD-ROM at the back, containing a video phrasebank, with extracts from the video Big City Level 2. This provides a lot useful extra practice. There are some noteworthy photocopiable activities in the Teacher’s Book by John Huges, including an excellent project planning grid.

The photographs, diagrams and graphics are varied, and include some attractively presented colour charts. The back of the book is bursting with features – a language reference section, which includes information on common errors, tapescripts and a glossary. A solid course book for this level, which should do what it claims: “close the gap between learning business English and using it at work”.

Dictionary of Marketing

dictofmarketingOver 7,000 key terms covering all aspects of marketing, including market research, advertising, packaging and publicity.

Terms explained in clear, simple English
Phonetic pronunciation for all main entries
Examples show words used in context
Quotations from magazines and newspapers
The Book Review
Dictionary of Marketing.

The growth of e-commerce and the Internet have precipitated the need to update the Dictionary of Marketing; this is now the third edition.

If you have marketing students or even learners of general business English, and are in doubt what ABC method stands for, have forgotten what the Pareto effect is, or are baffled by the exact nature of a “non-business organisation”, this could find a useful place on the shelf.

7,000 terms include areas such as market research, advertising and publicity. Students will appreciate the effort taken to explain terms in simple English. The supplement at the back of the book is handy.

A key feature is the use of quotes from various publications to illustrate words, taken from sources such as the Financial Times. They illustrate terms like “click-and-mortar” in context. It is difficult to know which words are here to stay, but the ever-changing nature of terminology makes the latest dictionaries automatically the most relevant