Personality Quizzes

1899399356Teenagers have no greater interest than themselves! One of the most compelling features of almost any teen magazine, anywhere in the world is the personality quiz. This book provides 50 of the most engaging personality quizzes covering all the areas of teenager interest including Love and Romance, Friendship, Travel and Adventure, Clothes and Fashion, Family, and more. The quizzes are attractively illustrated and motivate by focusing on the teenager’s interests: “Are you a good friend?”, “How fit are you?” “Are you a shopaholic?” Lexical and structural indexing and clear levelling make it easy to find the language point to be practised.

The Book Review
Personality Quizzes

Personality Quizzes: an attractive title, as students enjoy quizzes. Finding out about yourself can be, as the introduction points out, fun and personalised. The target audience is teenage, so the subjects covered in this book include, not surprisingly, love and romance, friendship, fashion and sports.

The series provides time-saving, free-standing support material, and the exercises which accompany the quizzes will be appreciated by busy teachers. Each of the fifteen units contains three different quizzes, for elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels. The teachers’ notes are usefully interleaved throughout the book.

Some quizzes are quite engaging and challenging while others are more light-hearted. “Environmentally friendly” is particularly thought-provoking. Caution is advised, as sometimes the humour may not always be appropriate. The pictures and photographs give the same busy feel as the quizzes in young adult magazines and are generally appropriate. Sadly, it seems I may need to do more exercise!