Dictionary of Marketing

dictofmarketingOver 7,000 key terms covering all aspects of marketing, including market research, advertising, packaging and publicity.

Terms explained in clear, simple English
Phonetic pronunciation for all main entries
Examples show words used in context
Quotations from magazines and newspapers
The Book Review
Dictionary of Marketing.

The growth of e-commerce and the Internet have precipitated the need to update the Dictionary of Marketing; this is now the third edition.

If you have marketing students or even learners of general business English, and are in doubt what ABC method stands for, have forgotten what the Pareto effect is, or are baffled by the exact nature of a “non-business organisation”, this could find a useful place on the shelf.

7,000 terms include areas such as market research, advertising and publicity. Students will appreciate the effort taken to explain terms in simple English. The supplement at the back of the book is handy.

A key feature is the use of quotes from various publications to illustrate words, taken from sources such as the Financial Times. They illustrate terms like “click-and-mortar” in context. It is difficult to know which words are here to stay, but the ever-changing nature of terminology makes the latest dictionaries automatically the most relevant