Who is The English Book Centre?

The English Book Centre, Oxford provides a specialist service supplying all types of ELT materials, including books, videos, multimedia packages and computer software. Our customers come from all over the world and range from language schools and universities to businesses and government departments. With the ever-growing range of ELT materials and increasingly sophisticated demands of language learners, we can provide:
A full picture of the ELT material available so that you can make an informed choice:
Our catalogue, The Definitive Guide to ELT Materials on which the online catalogue is based, lists over 3000 existing and forthcoming ELT materials from British publishers, plus some items we consider of exceptional quality from non-British publishers.

Free specialist advice to help you choose the right material for your needs:
Our trained staff are always ready to discuss your ELT needs and to give advice which is tailormade for you. Their shared expertise covers all the key areas of ELT, including the most recent developments in technology and methodology. You can be sure that any recommendations we give are impartial and completely up-to-date. Just email or fill out this form and we will respond with our suggestions within 48 working hours.

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Oxford, the seat of learning:
Oxford, where we are located, has the highest academic and educational credentials and is a major ELT centre in terms of language schools and ELT publishing. As such, it is visited by many ELT professionals as well as millions as tourists every year.

Here in Oxford we have the largest ELT showroom in the country, which is open to visitors during working hours. An extensive range of ELT materials, including books, cassettes, videos and computer software, is on display in a highly accessible manner.

Celebrating the EBC’s 10th anniversary in 1997
The English Book Centre was founded in 1987 and has gone from strength to strength in ten hectic but satisfying years. In response to this, during September 1996, we moved into larger custom built premises which contain our warehouse, showroom and a seminar room.

Throughout the year we attend major as well as smaller ELT and Linguistics conferences in the UK and Europe. If you would like to meet us find a list forthcoming events in Special Offers, News and Reviews.
If you have any further question please email. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you.

New Headway Intermediate, New Edition

A brand-new edition of the best-selling course, maintaining the successful core content but updated and refreshed.

Key features:

Streamlined units, now at eight pages. They are easy to navigate, with clearly divided sectionst.
Fresh modern design, with an emphasis on maximum clarity on the page.
Every aspect of the previous edition has been reviewed. There are small changes to make activities run more smoothly, as well as major changes to text and topic.
The clear, systematic, effective grammar syllabus has been retained, but has been modified where necessary for even greater clarity.
Grammar Spots highlight key areas, getting students to analyse form and use.
Up-to-date texts with global appeal reflect changing trends and the use of English worldwide.
Challenging reading and listening texts from a variety of authentic sources develop comprehension skills and integrate speaking practice, usually personalised.
Writing now has a separate section at the back of the book, with a fuller syllabus, providing models and follow-up activities.
New Headway Intermediate.

Few people would deny the impact the original Headway Course from John and Liz Soars has had on global ELT. This new edition relies on many of the features which made that series so successful, such as an integrated syllabus developing grammar and vocabulary along with skills work. This new edition provides up-to-date texts – Madonna pops up, as well as texts with a long shelf life, like biographies of Picasso and Hemmingway.

The book is colourful and stimulating, packed with detail without being busy. The full range of course material is wide and includes a useful workbook as well as a pronunciation and video course and online exercises. The vocabulary sections contain learning tips and collocation exercises. The grammar section contrasts tenses and encourages thinking about the language. It contains familiar target structures such as: “If I had £5 million, I’d buy an island”.

The design has changed and Grammar Spots, which focus on areas of grammar, replace the previous Language Reviews. The syllabus and methodology remain, essentially, the same. Teachers know what to expect from the title and New Headway Intermediate does deliver a solid global course.

This month, Dave Sperling talks about how he came to love the machine

daveI didn’t always love computers. I took my first and only computer class back in 1977, when I was a high school student in Los Angeles, California. What torture! Most of the students were mathematical and science types (I liked English and history). The material was esoteric, the teacher was boring, and I was always completely baffled. I suffered so much that I purposely evaded computers for several years afterwards. Yes it’s true. Dave Sperling, creator of one of the world’s most popular ESL/EFL Web sites, was a total technophobe!I moved to high-tech Japan in 1984, and for over five years managed to avoid anything that vaguely resembled a computer. “What does a teacher need with a computer?,” I often thought to myself. And in 1988 I moved to rural Thailand. It was easy to stay away from computers over there because there weren’t any!

Things began to quickly change when I moved back to the United States in 1992 and began my graduate studies in Applied Linguistics at California State University, Northridge. Everything around me was totally computerized and I could no longer avoid them. I finally gave in and bought my very own computer – a Macintosh Performa 550. It was love-at-first-site! With my slow little 2400 bps modem and a telephone line, I connected from my home to my university’s computer system, and quickly sent my very first e-mail message to my friend and colleague in Chiangmai, Thailand. To my complete astonishment, he sent a message back to me in a matter of minutes. Wow! I was so thrilled. This was the beginning of my exciting Internet adventure, and I soon met, communicated and interacted with new friends, teachers, and students from around the world. The Internet has been my passion ever since.

Dave Sperling has an M.A. in Linguistics/ESL from California State University, Northridge, where he now teaches ESL in the Intensive English Program. He is known internationally for his highly popular and innovative Web site, Dave’s ESL Cafe.