For Real! English in Everyday Situations

forrealThis 96-page resource book offers teachers a wealth of activities based on reading and listening realia (authentic or simulated-authentic) and will be vital for teachers presenting ‘Background to Britain’ information.
Timesaver For Real! offers activities which aid integrated skills development (with a focus on reading, listening and vocabulary) and revises specific structures in an enjoyable and meaningful way.
Examples of activities include: Shopping at the CD Megastore (Music types – likes and dislikes); TV listings (matching programmes to people profiles); Maps of Britain and Local Towns (jigsaw pair work).

The Book Review
For Real! English in Everyday Situations.

The “ready-made” aspect of these work sheets is the feature which will appeal most to busy teachers. This A4 book, just under 100 pages, comprises photocopiable worksheets designed to provide support for teachers presenting Britain. This cultural dimension informs the content of many of the worksheets, which include activities based on a London tube map and English football clubs.

Many tasks are fun, novel and motivating, ideal for extending course work for intermediate learners in particular. The worksheets are grouped into five categories: shopping, entertainment, communication, travel and school. The inclusion of user-friendly Teacher’s notes is welcome and helpful.

The book includes a useful audio component. However, some dialogues are not particularly realistic, and delivery is occasionally artificial. Still, there is a good range of useful material here which is, as suggested in the series title, “time saving!”